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A NEW Beginning has Never Been So Easy

PIIBPayroll is an affordable self-service payroll administration product offering anytime, anywhere secure online access. Easy to use and completely regulation-compliant with full reporting capabilities and email notification of upcoming deadlines. You have complete control, so administering payroll has never been easier!


Online Payroll Process

Here's how the online payroll system will work for you:


Sign On

  • As Payroll Administrator you will receive an email reminder that it is time to process payroll. Sign on to PIIB Payroll to begin.

Enter Payroll

  • From the Payroll Center, select Run Payroll.
  • Preview the employees to be paid this period.
  • Enter hours worked, benefits used, and update any salary and pay information.

Calculate Payroll

  • Select Calculate Payroll to review your payroll figures.
  • The Payroll Preview Summary page displays your employees' net pay totals, payroll taxes, and total cash requirement necessary to fund your payroll.

Approve Payroll

  • Select Approve Payroll to authorize the payroll.
  • Assuming there are sufficient funds, your payroll obligation will be transferred for direct deposit and tax payments the night prior to your pay date.


  • Payday — employees will receive emails with a link to view and print their pay stubs and benefit accrual information.
  • Payroll Administrators may log on to print any paper checks and payroll reports.
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